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It’s important to have a little fun at work so we organized a weeklong lunchtime foosball tournament that culminated in a frenetic championship match where only one team could stand victorious. What sport would be complete without some form of publication that trashes the participants. Enter The Daily Foosman, a tabloid rag I created to add another dimension to the game.

While The Foosman lived but a short life, publishing only 5 volumes—one for each day of the tournament—it was biting in its criticism of the sport and all who played it. It stood as a towering beacon of light shining down on the cheating, scandals, and broken dreams of the hundreds who sought glory.

Making these authentic was actually a bit tougher than originally planned. It wouldn’t feel like a tabloid unless it was printed on cheap newsprint paper. There’s something special about the poor print and aging qualities that are unique to newsprint. As it turns out, my Epson 3880 doesn’t care too much for newsprint paper.

The first problem was the paper size. It’s was only available at sizes either too small to be a tabloid or too large to run through the printer. So I had to buy it large and have a printing company cut it down to the right size.

The Daily Foosman printing
Hot off the press

Next, and more vexing, was that the printer would sometimes suck in three or four pieces of paper in one go. Other times the the paper would come in at an angle. This made it necessary to really baby sit each print run to ensure nothing went haywire.

The tabloid was a huge hit around the office, often running out of issues in minutes. We even received a few letters to the editor! Well worth the effort.

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