Swiss Army Designer
Jan 26, 2016 In blog - Humor - Illustration By
Wanted: Experienced Graphic Designer Must be a master of the Creative Cloud, HTML/ CSS coding ninja, impeccable animation skills, wizard of UX/UI app development, video editing and photography experience a plus, bonus points for a solid english accent.
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Sketchy Countries
gallery Jan 7, 2016 In blog - Illustration - Web Design By
Here are some illustrations I did for the web. I think they’re pretty fun and charming. The wavy pattern (from subtle patterns, one of my go to design resources!) reminds me of topographical marks on more traditional maps.
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The Able Table
Jan 4, 2016 In blog - Industrial design - Wood working By
It stores, it works, it rolls—introducing the able table! Bad copywriting aside, if you’re looking for an all-purpose studio table that’s functional, inexpensive, and relatively easy to make, this is a good solution. We have a sharable studio in our office that gets heavy use at certain times throughout ...
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