The Able Table

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It stores, it works, it rolls—introducing the able table! Bad copywriting aside, if you’re looking for an all-purpose studio table that’s functional, inexpensive, and relatively easy to make, this is a good solution.

We have a sharable studio in our office that gets heavy use at certain times throughout the year. Even though it’s a spacious room, we tend to run out of work surfaces and are always in need of extra storage. I came up with this design (based on another larger table in our space) as a solution to both of those problems. The table has a 2’x8′ work surface with a deep storage shelf running below it. All of the materials are readily available at Home Depot and the whole shebang costs less than $200.

Able table 2

Mostly it’s a bunch of 2x4s and one sheet of birch ply ripped to form the work surface and shelf. This table won’t win any industrial design awards, but it’s tough, functional, and inexpensive—all of which I like.

Finished abletable

We built two of these tables in our space with the thought that if we needed another extra large work surface in a pinch, we could always combine them together. They’ll last forever and are meant to take a beating.

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