Poster: It all comes down to a single digit

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Political discussions can be dicey, especially in an election year, and even more especially when one of the candidates happens to be Donald J. Trump. This reversible political poster I designed is the perfect solution.

Don’t want Trump’s stubby finger resting on the nuke button? Flip it 180 degrees and voila, now Hillary’s got her nail-polished finger on the button. Don’t want to see anyone’s finger on the button? Simply don’t display the poster at all. Problem solved.

I liked playing with the idea that a single message could evoke the same reaction within different sets of people simply by tweaking the visual slightly. The “Whose finger should be on the button” conversation has been batted around to motivate the bases on both sides. It’s the same argument with slightly different meanings.

When people say “can we trust if Donald Trump’s finger is on the button?” Read: “He’s a narcissistic ape of a male and will go all Duke Nukem on the rest of the world.” When people say “can we trust if Hillary Clinton’s finger is on the button?” Read: “She’s a woman and won’t have what it takes to push the button if needed.”

This debate really should bring to mind two questions:

Can we really trust anyone’s finger on the button?
And is it really a button?

Hopefully this poster is a visual reminder of how rhetoric masks real issues by quietly switching the conversation.

Trump's finger on button

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