Fruit Stand

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As a digital designer, most of my work is done on a computer. The computer creates crisp lines. It aligns multiple objects with a single click. It renders thousands of frames in seconds. In short, it’s exact.

Precision, however, does not always equal perfection. There’s no better proof of this than working with wood — a living, breathing, ever warping, cupping and bowing medium. Wood work couples moments of complete elation with an unsettling sense that something could go woefully wrong at any turn. Even with all the finest instruments of precision, sometimes wood does what wood wants to do.

The Fruit Stand
A project at work called for a custom-built stand that would be used to display a variety of fruits for fellow employees to experience and enjoy. The stand needed to be functional and have the right aesthetic to create the desired experience.

Functionally the stand had to be high enough to allow for two rows of fruit, taking care that each row was accessible for people of any height, but also wide enough to ensure that a few people could select their fruit at any given time. Aesthetically, we wanted to get rustic look to contrast the more modern interior of the lobby.

At this point I’d like to say we went off and sketched out dozens of concepts and revised the sketches until everyone was satisfied, but that’s not the case. This was our lone, sad whiteboard sketch:

white board concept sketch

Even the roughest of sketches can get the process started. From here I went to SketchUp to model the skeleton (okay, so I didn’t eliminate the computer all together, but you get the point). This was more helpful in getting our purchase and cut list together.

3d model of fruit stand skeleton

From here it was just a matter of selecting the right materials, cutting, finishing, and assembling all the pieces. The final result was exactly what we were looking for — a functional fruit stand that was pleasing to look at.

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