Fruit Stand
Oct 5, 2016 In blog - Experience design - Wood working By
As a digital designer, most of my work is done on a computer. The computer creates crisp lines. It aligns multiple objects with a single click. It renders thousands of frames in seconds. In short, it’s exact. Precision, however, does not always equal perfection. There’s no better proof of ...
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Has the Emoji finally
image Apr 18, 2016 In blog - communication - icons By
Communication via text messaging isn’t always pretty. Who among us hasn’t sent a text only to receive “???” in reply? Fucking autocorrect. Entire websites exist to chronicle this modern scourge and its countless victims. Lest we forget this timeless classic: It turns out, however, that autocorrect and its close ...
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Apr 7, 2016 In blog - Print design By
For whatever reason my son is in love with robots. More specifically, he is in love with “robots with grabbers.” Enter Robostamps: a set of four inch and a half square wooden blocks mounted with rubber stamps.   Each block contains a unique robot (with a grabber of course) ...
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Poster: It all comes down to a single digit
Mar 29, 2016 In blog - Illustration - Poster design - Print design By
Political discussions can be dicey, especially in an election year, and even more especially when one of the candidates happens to be Donald J. Trump. This reversible political poster I designed is the perfect solution. Don’t want Trump’s stubby finger resting on the nuke button? Flip it 180 degrees ...
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Pointless Icons
Mar 25, 2016 In blog - Humor - Print design - Web Design By
Icons can be useful for a lot of different reasons. They mitigate the complexities of our computers, simplify our virtual tool sets and are scattered (often pointlessly) all over the internet. So naturally I’ve been creating a set of useless icons that have no purpose. None whatsoever. Not on ...
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Mark and Meg Wedding Monogram
Mar 23, 2016 In blog - Print design - Typography By
I designed a save the date postcard for an upcoming wedding and created a monogram that could be reused in other designs (invitation, website, cake, you get the picture). Reimagining the ampersand as a knot (ok, it’s not exactly a knot) was a playful take on the trope “tying ...
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Swiss Army Designer
Jan 26, 2016 In blog - Humor - Illustration By
Wanted: Experienced Graphic Designer Must be a master of the Creative Cloud, HTML/ CSS coding ninja, impeccable animation skills, wizard of UX/UI app development, video editing and photography experience a plus, bonus points for a solid english accent.
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Sketchy Countries
gallery Jan 7, 2016 In blog - Illustration - Web Design By
Here are some illustrations I did for the web. I think they’re pretty fun and charming. The wavy pattern (from subtle patterns, one of my go to design resources!) reminds me of topographical marks on more traditional maps.
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The Able Table
Jan 4, 2016 In blog - Industrial design - Wood working By
It stores, it works, it rolls—introducing the able table! Bad copywriting aside, if you’re looking for an all-purpose studio table that’s functional, inexpensive, and relatively easy to make, this is a good solution. We have a sharable studio in our office that gets heavy use at certain times throughout ...
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