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Pointless Icons
Mar 25, 2016 In blog - Humor - Print design - Web Design By
Icons can be useful for a lot of different reasons. They mitigate the complexities of our computers, simplify our virtual tool sets and are scattered (often pointlessly) all over the internet. So naturally I’ve been creating a set of useless icons that have no purpose. None whatsoever. Not on ...
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Sketchy Countries
gallery Jan 7, 2016 In blog - Illustration - Web Design By
Here are some illustrations I did for the web. I think they’re pretty fun and charming. The wavy pattern (from subtle patterns, one of my go to design resources!) reminds me of topographical marks on more traditional maps.
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Snake Type
video Dec 28, 2015 In blog - Motion design - Typography - Web Design By
While working on a title animation for a website, I needed some text to slide into place in kind of a snake-like motion. Here’s a quick motion test I did to work the animation out. It still needs some finesse, but the motion looks pretty great. Wrapping shapes around ...
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