Poster: It all comes down to a single digit
Mar 29, 2016 In blog - Illustration - Poster design - Print design By
Political discussions can be dicey, especially in an election year, and even more especially when one of the candidates happens to be Donald J. Trump. This reversible political poster I designed is the perfect solution. Don’t want Trump’s stubby finger resting on the nuke button? Flip it 180 degrees ...
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Swiss Army Designer
Jan 26, 2016 In blog - Humor - Illustration By
Wanted: Experienced Graphic Designer Must be a master of the Creative Cloud, HTML/ CSS coding ninja, impeccable animation skills, wizard of UX/UI app development, video editing and photography experience a plus, bonus points for a solid english accent.
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Sketchy Countries
gallery Jan 7, 2016 In blog - Illustration - Web Design By
Here are some illustrations I did for the web. I think they’re pretty fun and charming. The wavy pattern (from subtle patterns, one of my go to design resources!) reminds me of topographical marks on more traditional maps.
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Peel Slowly and See
May 11, 2015 In Pixelated Album Cover Series By
“Art is what you can get away with.” —Andy Warhol The Velvet Underground & Nico cover art credits Art & Design: Andy Warhol The Velvet Underground & Nico, released in 1967, was far from a commercial success, but gained a cult following over the years and is now generally ...
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8-bit Dark Side
May 7, 2015 In Pixelated Album Cover Series By
“I listen to the music, read the lyrics, speak to the musicians as much as possible. I see myself as a kind of translator, translating an audio event—the music—into a visual event—the cover. I like to explore ambiguity and contradiction, to be upsetting but gently so. I use real ...
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8-Bit Bowie
May 4, 2015 In Pixelated Album Cover Series By
8-Bit Bowie is the first in my series exploring the near extinct art of the album cover and the photographers and designers responsible. This is just a fun experiment paying homage, one pixel at a time, to some of my favorite designs and uncover a bit of information about ...
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The Humongously Huge Adventures of Beatrice Bean
Feb 23, 2015 In New work By
Instead of my usual Christmas shenanigans of last minute gift purchasing (almost always resulting in bitter disappointment), I decided to try and push myself to do something new this year. A few weeks before Christmas hit, I decided to write and illustrate a children’s book starring my awesome one-year ...
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