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Mark and Meg Wedding Monogram
Mar 23, 2016 In blog - Print design - Typography By
I designed a save the date postcard for an upcoming wedding and created a monogram that could be reused in other designs (invitation, website, cake, you get the picture). Reimagining the ampersand as a knot (ok, it’s not exactly a knot) was a playful take on the trope “tying ...
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The Daily Foosman
Jun 20, 2015 In Print design - Writing By
It’s important to have a little fun at work so we organized a weeklong lunchtime foosball tournament that culminated in a frenetic championship match where only one team could stand victorious. What sport would be complete without some form of publication that trashes the participants. Enter The Daily Foosman, ...
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The Humongously Huge Adventures of Beatrice Bean
Feb 23, 2015 In New work By
Instead of my usual Christmas shenanigans of last minute gift purchasing (almost always resulting in bitter disappointment), I decided to try and push myself to do something new this year. A few weeks before Christmas hit, I decided to write and illustrate a children’s book starring my awesome one-year ...
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