Snake Type
video Dec 28, 2015 In blog - Motion design - Typography - Web Design By
While working on a title animation for a website, I needed some text to slide into place in kind of a snake-like motion. Here’s a quick motion test I did to work the animation out. It still needs some finesse, but the motion looks pretty great. Wrapping shapes around ...
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Typophomorphism: Human Reflections in Typographic Design
Mar 5, 2015 In Typography By
Every night when my son is eating dinner he makes the same request to watch the same show. He’s seen all the episodes, there are dozens of more interesting children shows available, but it really doesn’t matter—this show has monster trucks, monster trucks that happen to talk, and monster ...
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Et tu, ampersand?
Feb 24, 2015 In Typography By
For far too long I’ve taken one of typography’s most beautiful characters for granted. I simply hit the shift and 7 keys together and out pops the king of all ligatures—the ampersand. But where does this strange, twisty creature come from? In Just My Type, author Simon Garfield begins ...
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